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Horizontal multistage mining high pressure centrifugal water pump

Multistage High Pressure Pumps
USD 1000 Unit
Below 80℃
Flow Rate:
6.3~600 M3/h
17~850 M
Outlet Diameter:
50~200 Mm
2.2~400 KW
Light Blue
High Light:

multistage centrifugal pump


high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps



Overview Description

D type pump is used for conveying water without solid particles, water temperature below 80℃ or physical and chemical properties similar to clean water.

DF type pump is used for the delivery of -20 ~105℃, fluid does not contain solid particles, corrosive liquid, the inlet pressure of the pump is max 0.6MPa.

DM type is used for conveying Neutral mineral water,solid particles should be less than 1.5% (particle size less than 0.5 mm) and other similar wastewater, the transported medium temperature is not higher than 80℃, suitable for iron and steel plant, mine drainage, sewerage and other occasions.



Performance range:

The flow rate Q:6.3~600m fand /h
Lift Head:17~850m

Material:cast iron or stainless steel ss304/316


Drive:motor or diesel

Seal: packing seal,mechanical seal

Usage:high lift,boiler feed,irrigation

Outlet diameter:DN50-DN200mm




Model description:

100 D 16 * 3
100 is the pump inlet diameter 
D is a multistage centrifugal pump
16 is a single pump designed point lift



D series multi-stage centrifugal pump product features:

a. advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency, wide range of performance.
b. pump running smoothly, low noise.
c. seal with soft packing seal or mechanical seal, sealing safety and reliability, simple structure, easy maintenance.


The shaft is a fully sealed structure, to ensure that no contact with the media, not rust, long service life.



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