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Black NSQ diving power plant pump 25~2400m³/h Flow <=60℃ Medium maximum temperature

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Rivers And Lakes, The Reservoir Pumping Pumping Mud, Dredging, Power Plant Pumping Fly Ash, Steel Smelting Iron Ore, Pumping Sand Beneficiation, Mine Pumping Tailings, Tiles Pumping Powder, Sewage Water Treatment Pumping Sediment
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Black NSQ diving power plant pump 25~2400m³/h Flow <=60℃ Medium maximum temperature


Product Description:


NSQ diving pumping pump (diving pumping sand pump) alias diving suction sand pump, diving sediment pump, diving mud pump, diving sand pumping machine, diving tailings pump, diving iron sand pump, pumping submersible pumps. Is the motor and pump coaxial one sneaked into the water work, simple operation, good wear resistance. Widely used in rivers and lakes, the reservoir pumping mud, dredging, power plant pumping fly ash, steel smelting iron ore, pumping or dressing, mining tailings, tiles pumping powder, sewage water treatment pumping sediment.


NSQ diving pump is a motor and pumps coaxial one sneaked into the water work, is the ideal alternative to traditional mud pump. The pump in addition to the main impeller outside the bottom of a set of mixing impeller can be precipitated sludge into a turbulent flow, so that the pump in the absence of auxiliary devices to achieve high concentrations of delivery. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so that the pressure across the mechanical seal to maintain balance, to maximize the reliability of the mechanical seal to ensure its extended-life. Diving pump motor overheating protection, according to the user's request to increase the water detection and other protection devices, in the harsh conditions of long-term safe operation.


NSQ diving pumping pump four advantages:


First, bring their own mixing function, can stir up the sediment, no other auxiliary equipment.

Second, efficient wear. Impeller for the closed impeller, high efficiency, more wear; overflow components (impeller, pump shell, mixing impeller, etc.) using high chromium wear alloy material.

Third, not subject to suction limit, high efficiency of slag absorption, dredging more thoroughly.

Four, triple protection, effectively prevent the burning of the motor. The motor has a sensor probe, supporting the special control cabinet can be achieved: oil room flooding, motor room flooding, motor overheating protection.


Diving pumping pump use conditions:

  1. Normal power supply for the 50Hz / 380V three-phase AC power supply can be customized 400V, 440V, 660V, 1140V Shaped power supply.
  2. Medium maximum temperature shall not be higher than 60 ℃, higher than 60 ℃ need to add cooling sets, external water cooling. The media is free of flammable and explosive.
  3. The maximum weight concentration of solid particles in the medium is 45% of the ash and 60% of the slag.
  4. Unit diving depth: not more than 30 meters, not less than 1 meter. Note: water depth of 30 meters above the deep water pumping pump to be customized in advance.
  5. The working position of the unit in the medium is vertical and the working condition is continuous.


Diving pumping pump use:

  1. Include but not limited to the following:
  2. river, river, lake, sea, reservoir pumping sand.
  3. river, lake, reservoir, port dredging sediment.
  4. pumping sand beneficiation: pumping sand election iron, pumping sand gold, sand selection rare earth.
  5. sewage treatment plant sedimentation tank cleaning.
  6. municipal pipelines, rainwater pumping stations, hydro power station sediment cleaning.
  7. construction (bridge construction wells, etc.) row of sediment, mud.
  8. iron and steel plant blast furnace slag, slag, pumping iron oxide delivery.
  9. concentrator tailings, slag, pulp transport.
  10. coal cinder, slime, coal slurry cleaning.
  11. power plant flies ash, slime, coal slurry transport.
  12. learn a variety of King Kong sand, quartz sand, steel slag solid particles.
  13. tile factory pumping powder.
  14. coastal areas to fill the land.
  15. containing a variety of impurities in the slurry material delivery.
  16. the delivery of other media containing large particles.


NSQ diving pump model significance:

Black NSQ diving  power plant pump 25~2400m³/h Flow <=60℃ Medium maximum temperature

NS for the "sediment" pinyin first letter, apply to extract sediment, or, river sand, sea sand, pulp and other media.

Q for the "diving" phonetic alphabet, the model pump work for the submersible.



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