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PNSL vertical Sand Suction Pump lake river pumping 11.1~23.8 KW Power

Sand Suction Pump
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150~420 M³/h
15~18 M
Sand And More Water Environment: The Excavation Of The Coastal Beach Breeding Plant; Lake River Pumping Mud, Dredging, Embankment; Tailings Extraction, Low-lying Land Transformation; Large And Medium-sized Hydraulic Engineering; Transport Sand Ship Unloadi
1450 R/min
11.1~23.8 KW
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PNSL vertical Sand Suction Pump lake river pumping 11.1~23.8 KW Power



Product Description:


Vertical pumping sand pump (vertical pumping sand pump) Alias vertical mud pump, vertical sediment pump, vertical suction pump, vertical tailings pump, vertical iron sand pump, vertical unloading pump, etc. The High efficiency, energy saving, simple supporting, easy to use and so on, widely used in sediment, water less environment: coastal beach breeding plant excavation; lake river pumping pumping mud, dredging, embankment; tailings extraction, Low-lying land to transform; large and medium-sized hydraulic engineering; farmland infrastructure and sand transport and other sand


PNSL vertical pumping pump with high efficiency, energy saving, simple matching, easy to use and so on, can be a single pump work, but also more pump parallel to the sediment pool to the collection pipe, and PN-type sediment pump in series to achieve Long-distance transport of sediment. Water dredging, excavation, blown the unit for water mechanization construction, is to simulate the principle of natural water erosion, by the role of water to carry out dredging, digging work, water pressure generated by the high pressure pump, through the nozzle of the water gun, High-speed water column, the impact of sand column sand, so that soil sand wet, disintegration, mixing mortar and mud mixture, and then by the vertical sand pump to enhance the transport through the sediment pipe to the battlefield.

Widely used in the sand and more water environment: beach, lake river pumping mud, dredging, embankment, coastal beach breeding plant excavation; fish pond dredging; low-lying land transformation; tailings extraction, Sand and so on.



Product Features and Benefits:

  1. the pump structure: mainly by the motor bracket, the middle, pump cover, pump seat, impeller, shaft, guard, pump and other components. Pump seal: the use of skeleton oil seal with butter lubrication. Rotation direction of the pump: Rotate clockwise from the direction of the power machine.
  2. over-current components using wear-resistant alloy material, hardness, high strength, long life than ordinary material 2-3 times.
  3. adjust the nut to adjust the impeller clearance, reduce leakage, improve efficiency, and easy to facilitate the removal of the impeller.
  4. the packing chamber seal and the lower end of the bearing seal separately, the bearing at both ends of the use of skeleton oil seal to prevent sediment into the bearing inside to extend the bearing life.
  5. the impeller on the back of the use of the pay blades, so that the back pressure to reduce the axial force and prevent some of the debris into the sealed chamber, to protect the seal less wear.
  6. the pump structure is simple, easy disassembly and maintenance, supporting the installation easy to use.
  7. the pump seal structure changes, to avoid damage to the skeleton after the seal directly on the bearing damage, bearing life has greatly improved.


PNSL vertical pumping pump (vertical pumping sand pump) Parameters:


Product Model
Shaft Power
4PNSL-15 150 15 1450 11.1 72 15
6PNSL-15 320 15 1450 18.2 72 22
6PNSL-18 250 18 1450 18.1 72 22
8PNSL-18 360 18 1450 21.8 72 30
8PNSL-15 420 15 1450 23.8 72 37


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