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Large particle Sand Suction Pump For Rivers and lakes reservoir pumping sand

Sand Suction Pump
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200~500 M³/h
13~31 M
Rivers And Lakes, The Reservoir Pumping Sand Mining; Sand Layer Hard Or With A Layer Of River Channels, Docks, Port Dredging Dredging Construction
Motor Power:
37~75 KW
980 R/min
Overcurrent Capacity:
50~120 Mm
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Large particle Sand Suction Pump For Rivers and lakes reservoir pumping sand



Product Description:

Large particles diving pumping pump (large particle submersible suction pump) over-current components made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy, flow channel wide, over-current ability, matching reamer or flushing device can be pebble More, the sand layer hard environment, the maximum over-current capacity of up to 10 cm or more

Large particle diving pumping pump is designed for gravel and granite construction environments. The pump in the absorption of NSQ diving pump on the basis of the advantages of the pump to optimize the design, so that the pump over-current capacity greatly improved, the maximum diameter of up to 12cm through the particles.


Widely used in pebbles and large particles in particular, the pump over-current capacity requirements of the environment: rivers and lakes, reservoir pumping sand mining; sand layer harder or a layer of the river, wharf, port dredging dredging construction ; Road and bridge pile foundation construction; factories and mines with large solid particles of medium extraction and transportation.


Product Features and Benefits:

  1. according to user needs to install flushing device or electric, hydraulic reamer.
  2. the pump flow components through thick design, the use of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy made of materials, wear resistance, long service life.
  3. over-current ability, the largest diameter through the particles up to 12cm.
  4. the pump one, easy to operate and flexible, in use without the suction limit.
  5. supporting the special control cabinet, pumping pump can play a water pump, overload, phase loss, leakage and other protection.

Large particle diving pump model and parameters:






Motor Power






Inlet/outlet diameter mm

Overcurrent Capacity


NSQ200-17-37LS 200 17 37 980 70 100/150 51
250 13
180 19
NSQ350-20-55LS 250 23 55 980 57 200/150 125
350 20
450 18
NSQ350-27-55LS 200 32 55 980 62 200/150 120
350 27
400 25
NSQ400-26-75LS 250 31 75 980 59 200/150 120
400 26
500 21



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