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G type single screw pump / Explosion-proof single screw pump / Food industry pump / metallurgy use pump

Single Screw Pump
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Working Temperature:
Up To 120 ℃
Food, Metallurgy, Paper, Printing And Dyeing, Chemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical
Delivery Pressure:
Self-priming Height:
> 3 M
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Heavy duty slurry pumps


centrifugal screw pump


G stainless steel single screw pump features


The pump parts less compact, small size, easy maintenance, the rotor and the stator is a single screw pump wearing parts, simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly. It is a new type of pump that works according to the principle of positive displacement. The main working parts are the eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator). The use of non-toxic and tasteless edible rubber, the working temperature of up to 120 degrees Celsius, if the use of high temperature 120 degrees Celsius -350 degrees Celsius can contact with the unit. Due to the special geometry of the two parts at the beginning of the formation of a separate sealed cavity. The medium flows through the shaft evenly. The internal flow rate on behalf of the low, the volume remains unchanged. The pressure is stable and therefore the product does not swirl and stir. Each stage of the pump output pressure of 0.6MPa-1.2MPa, head 60m-120m (water), self-priming height is generally more than 3m.


G single screw pump use range


G-type single-screw pump due to the special geometry of the two parts, respectively, to form a separate sealed cavity, the media from the axial uniform flow, the internal flow rate is low, the volume remains unchanged, the pressure is stable, and thus does not produce eddy current and agitation. Each stage of the pump output pressure of 0.6MPa, head 60m (water), self-priming height is generally more than 6m.

Because the stator is made of a variety of elastic materials, so the pump for high-viscosity fluid transport and contains a rigid suspension of particulate media or fiber-containing media delivery, there is general pump can not do the characteristics. Its flow and speed are proportional to.


Single screw pump compact, small size, easy maintenance. The media adaptability, smooth flow, pressure pulsation is small, high self-absorption capacity. Working temperature up to 120 ℃, if you need to transport 120 ℃ -350 ℃ high-temperature medium, can be customized. Widely used in food, metallurgy, paper, printing and dyeing, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.


Comparison of screw pump and other pumps

  1. compared with the centrifugal pump screw pump without the need to install the valve, the flow is stable linear flow;
  2. compared with the plunger pump screw pump with self-absorption ability, high penetration;
  3. compared with the diaphragm pump screw can transport a variety of mixed impurities containing gas and solid particles or fiber medium, but also transport a variety of corrosive substances;
  4. compared with the gear pump, screw pump can transport high viscosity material;
  5. and the plunger pump, diaphragm pump and gear pump is different, the screw pump can be used for pharmaceutical filling and measurement.

Structure description

  1. discharge chamber
  2. rod
  3. screw sleeve
  4. screw shaft
  5. universal joint assembly
  6. suction mouth
  7. Coupling shaft
  8. Filler
  9. Packing gland
  10. Bearing housing
  11. Bearing cap
  12. Motor
  13. Coupling
  14. Shaft Sleeve
  15. Bearing
  16. Drive Spindle
  17. Base

G type single screw pump / Explosion-proof single screw pump / Food industry pump / metallurgy use pump

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