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I-1B explosion-proof stainless steel thick slurry pump / Single Screw Pump / printing pump / dyeing pump / paper pump

Single Screw Pump
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1.5~38 M³/h
30~80 M
Metallurgy, Chemical, Printing And Dyeing, Paper, Ceramics
960 R/min
1.1~15 KW
0~100 ° C
25~150 Mm
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I-1B Explosion-proof stainless steel thick slurry pump product overview


The I-1B series of thick slurry pumps are single screw type rotary pumps which utilize the rotation of the screw of the eccentric single helix in the double screw bushing so that the thick slurry is moved from the suction port to the discharge port along the spiral groove to achieve pump delivery Features.



I-1B explosion-proof stainless steel thick slurry pump product features

  1. Can be transported to high concentrations of high viscosity <10000PaS and containing particles of suspended slurry.
  2. Transport flow stability, no overcurrent, pulsation and stirring, shear slurry phenomenon.
  3. The discharge pressure is independent of the speed, and the low flow rate can also maintain a high discharge pressure.
  4. Flow rate is proportional to the speed, through the transmission mechanism or speed motor can achieve flow adjustment.
  5. Self-priming ability, do not have to install the bottom valve can directly suck the liquid.
  6. Thick slurry pump can be reversed, the liquid flow from the direction of rotation of the pump to change, apply to the pipeline to be anti-positive flushing occasions.
  7. Smooth operation, vibration, noise.
  8. Simple structure, easy disassembly and maintenance.

Thick pulp pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, paper, food and other units.



I-1B explosion-proof stainless steel thick slurry pump structure material form


I-1BB thick slurry pump: shell castings, transmission parts (spindle, screw and shaft) for the 2Cr13 stainless steel, suitable for general neutral thick slurry transport, generally slightly acidic, alkaline slurry delivery.


I-1BF thick slurry pump: transmission parts and contact with the slurry pump shell are made of stainless steel, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, and corrosive slurry delivery.

Rubber bushings are generally wear-resistant rubber, food with rubber and oil-resistant rubber for the user to choose.


Transmission mode with a direct drive motor and pump shaft, the motor by the reducer and pump direct drive and motor by the triangular pulley and pump shaft drive.

Equipped with the motor are generally closed, explosion-proof and electromagnetic speed control motor and with CVT, gear reducer for users to buy.



I-1B explosion-proof stainless steel slurry pump performance parameters table




Theoretical flow
( T/h)





Inlet/Outlet Speed


Working Pressure

I-1B1 Inch 2.39 1.5 50 2 25 960 1.1 5
I-1B1.5 Inch 5.2 3.2 80 3 40 960 2.2 8
I-1B2 Inch 8.85 5.6 80 3 50 960 3 8
I-1B2.5 Inch 10.6 6.5 60 3 65 960 3 6
I-1B3 Inch 18.1 12 60 3 75 960 5.5 6
I-1B4 Inch 24 16 60 3 100 960 7.5 6
I-1B5 Inch 36 25 60 3 125 960 11 6
I-1B6 Inch 38 30 60 3 150 960 15 6


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