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Chemical centrifugal pump for Petroleum / Metallurgy pump , chemical industry pump

Chemical Centrifugal Pump
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Petroleum, Chemical, Metallurgy, Power, Paper, Food And Synthetic Fibers, Etc., The Use Of Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
0.18~160/6P KW
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Horizontal centrifugal pump


high head Centrifugal Pump


Chemical centrifugal pump for Petroleum / Metallurgy pump , chemical industry pump



IHG stainless steel vertical pipeline pump Features:

  1. Pipeline pump is vertical structure, the import and export caliber are same and located on the same centerline, and it can be installed like a valve in the pipeline and has the compact and beautiful appearance. It only covers a small area and low construction cost. If with a protective cover it can be placed outdoors.
  2. Impeller directly on the motor's elongated shaft, axial size is short, compact, pump and motor bearing configuration are reasonable, can effectively balance the pump running radial and axial load, thus ensuring the pump running smoothly, Vibration noise is very low

IHG stainless steel vertical pipe pump working conditions:

  1. Inhalation pressure ≤ 1.0MPa, or pump system maximum working pressure ≤ 1.6MPa, that is, pump inlet pressure + pump head = 1.6MPa, pump static pressure test pressure of 2.5MPa, please specify the system when the work pressure. Pump system working pressure greater than 1.6MPa should be made when ordering. So that the pumped portion of the pump and the connecting portion are made of cast steel during manufacture.

IHG stainless steel vertical pipe pump starts and stop:


Before starting to prepare

  1. hand to dial the fan, the impeller should be no card grinding phenomenon, flexible rotation.
  2. open the inlet valve to open the exhaust valve so that the liquid-filled the entire pump chamber, and then close the exhaust valve.
  3. hand pump to make the lubricant into the mechanical seal face.
  4. jog motor, to determine whether the steering is correct.

IHG stainless steel vertical pipe pump maintenance:


Maintenance in operation

  1. The import pipeline must be filled with liquid, prohibit the pump in the long-term operation of the cavitation state.
  2. Regularly check the motor current value, shall not exceed the motor rated current.
  3. The pump for long-term operation, due to mechanical wear, so that the unit noise and vibration increases, should stop checking, if necessary, replace the wearing parts, unit overhaul period is generally one year.


IHG stainless steel vertical pipe pump structure:

Chemical centrifugal pump for Petroleum / Metallurgy pump , chemical industry pump

① take the plug ① pump and motor with the end cap, axial size shortening structure is simple.

② the pump body is provided with pressure hole and water discharge hole.

③ the pump body is equipped with the exhaust valve, before working to discharge the pump air.

④ the bottom of the pump body with the installation of the bottom plate and bolt holes to ensure that the overall unit installed firmly.

② Exhaust valve

③ Impeller

④ Mechanical seal

⑤ retaining ring

⑥ Motor

⑦ Pump Shaft

⑧ conjoined

⑨ Impeller nuts

⑩ Pump body

⑩ Drain valve

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