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Strong oxidants Chemical Centrifugal Pump , Hydrofluoric acid pump

Chemical Centrifugal Pump
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Chemical, Acid, Alkali, Smelting, Rare Earth, Pesticide, Dyes, Medicine, Paper, Electroplating, Electrolysis, Pickling, Radio, Foil, Scientific Research Institutions, Defense Industry And Other Industries
2900 R / Min
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Applicable Temperature:
-20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃.
Light Green & Silver
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Chemical resistant pump


Horizontal centrifugal pump


Strong oxidants Chemical Centrifugal Pump , Hydrofluoric acid pump




FSB type fluorine plastic alloy centrifugal pump Note:


Installation and precautions

  1. Before installing the pump and motor should be checked, the parts should be intact, the pump no debris.
  2. Place the pump in the horizontal position on the inlet, the pipe, and the power supply, and finally use the hand plate to move the coupling to check whether the rubbing phenomenon is easy and the installation is finished.
  3. Plastic alloy centrifugal pump steel is worse than the metal, so the pipe weight can not be directly on the pump body, the inlet and outlet piping should be supported by the bracket.The light pump should also be installed in the exit check valve. Sudden downtime water hammer damage.
  4. All joints must be kept sealed to prevent leakage, the liquid affects the pump performance.
  5. If you find a move or an abnormal sound during operation, you should check the cause immediately.

Start and stop

  1. Charge the pump with fluid (priming).
  2. Whether or not the oil level of the oil chamber is within the specified range.
  3. Check the direction of operation of the motor. Adjust the rotation mark of the pump.
  4. Close the outlet valve and the pressure gauge cock.
  5. Turn on the motor. Open the pressure gauge cock. Slowly open the outlet valve.
  6. When the important stop, first turn off the water valve and then cut off the power.When the force gauge pointer points to the desired position, stop the adjustment of the outlet valve size.
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