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DF 25-50×5 factories Deep Well Submersible Pump / chemical centrifugal pump

Deep Well Submersible Pump
1~337 M³/h
80~660 M
Mines, Factories And Other Fields
Maximum Working Pressure:
0.6 Mpa
Medium Temperature:
-20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
Grey & Black
High Light:

stainless steel deep well pump


stainless steel submersible pump


DF type DF25-50×5 factories Deep Well Submersible Pump / chemical centrifugal pump



DF-type corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump Overview:


DF type pump is a single suction, multi-stage, segment corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, suitable for conveying non-solid particles of corrosion-resistant liquid. The conveying medium temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, allowing the inlet pressure to be 0.6MPa.



DF type corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump number Description:


DF25-50 × 5

"DF" - that single suction, multi-stage, segmented corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump.

"25" - indicates the pump flow (m3 / h).

"50" - indicates pump single stage head (m).

"5" - indicates the number of stages.


Performance parameters


D/DG/DF/MD(P)6-25 D/DG/DF/MD(P)6-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)6-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)12-25
D/DG/DF/MD(P)12-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)12-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)25-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)25-50
D/DG/DF/MD(P)25-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)46-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)46-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)46-80
D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-45 D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-67 D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-100
D/DG/DF/MD(P)120-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)120-100 D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-50
D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-100 D/DG/DF/MD(P)155-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)155-67
D/DG/DF/MD(P)200-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)200-100 D/DG/DF/MD(P)200-150 D/DG/DF/MD(P)210-70
D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-43 D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-65 D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-95 D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-100
D/DG/DF/MD(P)300-45 D/DG/DF/MD(P)360-40 D/DG/DF/MD(P)360-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)360-95
D/DG/DF/MD(P)450-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)450-95 D/DG/DF/MD(P)500-57 D/DG/DF/MD(P)550-50
D/DG/DF/MD(P)580-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)640-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)720-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)1100-85


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