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QW type non-clogging submersible sewage pump For Factories and mines wastewater

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Municipal Engineering, Construction, Factories And Mines Sewage And Hospitals, Hotels, Residential Areas Of Sewage Discharge
Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Motor Power:
960~2950 R/min
Medium Temperature:
≤ 100 ℃
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QW type non-clogging submersible sewage pump For Factories and mines wastewater


QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump with a unique impeller structure and a new mechanical seal, can effectively transport containing solid and long fiber. Impeller Compared to conventional impellers, the pump impeller is in the form of a single or double runner, which is similar to a pipe with the same cross-section size, with a very good overcurrent, with a reasonable spiral chamber, making the pump efficient High, impeller static and dynamic test, so that the pump in the run without vibration.



QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pumps Model significance:


80: The pump discharges the nominal diameter
QW: mobile submersible sewage pump
P: stainless steel
40: flow rate (m³ / h)
15: head (m)
4: Equipped with motor power (KW)



QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump conditions of use:

  1. medium temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, medium heavyness of 1 ~ 1.3kg / dm3.
  2. no internal self-flow circulation cooling system of the pump, the motor part of the liquid surface does not exceed 1/3.
  3. cast iron material used in the range of PH5 ~ 9.
  4. 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material can use the general corrosive media.
  5. the use of environmental altitude of not more than 1000 meters, more than when the order should be made in order to provide you with more reliable products.

Note: If the user has a special temperature, media and other requirements, please specify when ordering the details of the transmission medium, so that the unit to provide more reliable products.



QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump Features:


  1. QW  type submersible non-clogging sewage pump with a unique single leaf or double blade impeller structure, greatly improving the ability of dirt through the submersible sewage pump can effectively pass the sewage pump pump diameter 5 times the fiber material and diameter Sewage pump pump diameter of about 50% of the solid particles.
  2. QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump mechanical seal using a new type of hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material, while the seal is improved to double-end seal, so that long-term operation in the oil chamber can make the submersible sewage pump safe continuous operation 8000 Hours or more.
  3. QW type sewage pump overall compact structure, small size, low noise, energy saving effect is obvious, easy maintenance, no need to build pump room, dive into the water to work, greatly reduce the project cost.
  4. QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump seal oil chamber is equipped with high precision anti-jamming leak detection sensor, and stator windings embedded in the thermal element, the QW submersible sewage pump motor absolute protection.
  5. According to the needs of users with automatic safety control cabinet, submersible sewage pump leakage, leakage, overload and over-temperature and other absolute protection, improve product safety and reliability.
  6. float switch can be based on the required liquid changes, automatic control of submersible sewage pump start and stop, without special care, the use of extremely convenient.
  7. QW type sewage pump can be equipped with dual-rail automatic coupling installation system according to user's needs. It is very convenient for installation and maintenance. People do not have to enter the sewage pits for this purpose.
  8. can be used in the whole lift range, and ensure that the motor will not overload.
  9. QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump has two different installation methods, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system.



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