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ISO 9001 submersible sewage pump for Municipal engineering / Machinery Seal

Submersible Sewage Pump
Payment Method:
D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
10~1700 M³/h
5~50 M
Municipal Engineering, Construction, Factories And Mines Sewage And Hospitals, Hotels
Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Motor Power:
4~30 KW
960~2950 R/min
Medium Temperature:
≤ 100 ℃
High Light:

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ISO 9001 submersible sewage pump for Municipal engineering / Machinery Seal



QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump structure description:


QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump consists of two parts of the motor and pump, the two separated by oil isolation chamber and mechanical seal components, is a mechanical and electrical integration products, motor and pump with the same axis (rotor) the entire pump length Short, compact. Equipped with a variety of protection devices, making the pump safe and reliable operation. The main components of the role as follows:


Signal line 1: equipped with full water pump control cabinet, the implementation of all-round protection of the pump, including leakage, phase, short circuit, overheating, motor overload and other projects.


Motor Stator 8: Class B or Class F insulation.


Leakage probe 11: The component is installed in the oil chamber, when the mechanical seal is damaged, the water into the oil chamber, the probe can send a signal from the control system to protect the pump.


Mechanical seal 13: the use of double-channel series seal, the choice of new hard corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide material, with a reliable seal, wear, long life and other characteristics.


Impeller 17: impeller with a single channel or dual flow channel structure, with a strong ability to pass through the large materials and fiber waste, to reduce the clogging, winding failure.


Pump body 15: equipped with the impeller, making the pump with high efficiency.


Seal ring 18: installed in the mouth of the pump body, when the impeller due to operation leaving the mouth ring wear, replace the seal ring to ensure the pump to the best efficiency.



QW type submersible without clogging sewage pump Product use:


QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump for the factory business serious pollution of wastewater discharge, residential sewage sewage station, urban sewage treatment plant drainage system, air defense system drainage station, water plant water supply equipment, hospitals, hotels Sewage, municipal engineering construction site, exploration, mine supporting machine, rural biogas digesters, farmland irrigation and other industries, conveyor belt particles of sewage, dirt, can also be used for water and corrosive media.



QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump use and precautions:


  1. QW type submersible non-clogging sewage pump should be carefully checked before use, whether the cable is damaged, fasteners are loose or fall off, the pump in the transport, storage, the installation process with or without deformation or damage.
  2. Measure the same and relative insulation resistance of the pump motor with 500V megger. The value should not be less than 2 megohms. Otherwise, the motor stator winding should be dried and the drying temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.
  3. The series of sewage pump installed fixed and mobile two. When using a fixed automatic installation, the chain should be inserted into (from the pump outlet, the connection should be parallel to the pump outlet) two hanging ring screws or lifting board up and down lifting pump. Evenly slow down along the guide until it is automatically coupled to the position. When using mobile installation, the first hose sets, with a chain into the two rings up and down lifting pump, pay attention to the cable can not be used as a rope to avoid danger.
  4. QW (WQ) type submersible non-clogging sewage pump connected after the rotation direction from the inlet as counterclockwise rotation, if the pump reversal, just the cable in any two lines to adjust the wiring position that can.
  5. QW (WQ) type submersible air-blocking sewage pump chassis ground must be strictly in accordance with the relevant procedures properly, in order to ensure the use of personal safety, in the pump running, is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the installation, people do? Move, just in case the electric pump leakage accident.
  6. QW (WQ) type submersible non-clogging sewage pump in the absence of special circumstances must be equipped with automatic pump control cabinet, do not directly hang the grid or use the knife switch to turn on the power to ensure the normal operation of the pump.
  7. The pump should not be long-term operation in the low-lift state (generally use the head should not be less than 60% of the rated head), it is best to control the use of the proposed range within the lift to prevent the pump due to overload and burn the motor.
  8. No self-circulating cooling device pump is strictly prohibited the whole surface of the long-term operation to prevent overheating damage to the pump.



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