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Double end mechanical seal pump , Electric Sewage Pump 14~1000m³/h

Submersible Sewage Pump
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Chemical, Petroleum, Light Industry, Food, Pharmaceutical And Environmental Protection Industries
Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Motor Power:
960~2950 R/min
Medium Temperature:
≤ 100 ℃
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commercial sewage pump


stainless steel sewage pump


Double end mechanical seal pump , Electric Sewage Pump 14~1000m³/h



Product Description


PW, PWF horizontal sewage pump is a single stage, single suction, cantilever centrifugal sewage pump. The pump inlet is axially horizontal and the pump outlet can be installed horizontally or vertically as required. Mainly by the pump cover, pump shell, impeller, shaft seal, shaft, and bracket and other components. The shaft seal is in the form of a novel double-ended mechanical seal construction. The pump and the motor are mounted on a common chassis and are driven directly by the motor through a flexible coupling. The pump has high efficiency, energy saving significantly, smooth operation, reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on.


PW type horizontal sewage pump Model significance:



80: Pump outlet diameter (mm)
P: Impurity pump
W: sewage
F: corrosion resistance
100: Pump inlet diameter (mm)


PW type horizontal sewage pump structure Description:

  • This type of sewage pump is mainly composed of pump cover (1), pump body (2), impeller (3), shaft (15), shaft seal (4), bearing box (11) See Figure 1: Structure chart
  • The pump outlet is vertically upward and can be mounted horizontally. The pump is driven directly by the elastic coupling (it is also possible to switch to belt drive as needed).
  • There are only two curved blades in the impeller, so the flow channel is clear and can be used by the general suspension of particles.
  • The impeller the back of four pairs of leaves to balance the axial thrust, the manufacture of impeller after static balance test experience.
  • The direction of rotation of the pump is clockwise from the drive end.
  • Bearing box bearing with thin oil lubrication, oil level by the oil level instructions, the oil level should be in the normal oil level line.
  • The pump shaft seal with oil seal? Seal, good sealing performance, easy to replace.
  • The seal ring is made of cast iron and is fixed to the pump cover and can be replaced with spare parts after wear.
  • The gap between the pump cover and the impeller inlet end, the seal ring and the impeller assembly gap T.


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