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FY type stainless steel Industrial Centrifugal Pumps corrosion-resistant pump

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stainless steel sewage pump


FY type stainless steel Industrial Centrifugal Pumps corrosion-resistant pump


Disassembly and assembly

  1. If you replace or inspect the impeller, close the outlet valve, remove the flange connecting bolts and the bottom plate connecting bolts, and lift the pump with the lifting tool.
  2. the bottom plate on the bracket, remove all the bolts of the pump, remove the pump cover and impeller nut, with a double hammer flick the pump, you can remove the impeller.
  3. Replace the rolling bearing or packing, then the bottom plate does not move, as long as the removal of the motor and the corresponding bracket, remove the pump coupling, gland, round nut, remove the bearing body. To replace the packing, first remove the packing gland, and then remove and replace the filler.
  4. assembly and disassembly in the opposite order, we must pay attention to the concentricity of the accessories on the shaft.


Installation, use, maintenance

  1. pump assembly, the disk coupling to see if the rotation is flexible. Check whether there is metal friction sound, the parts nut is tight.
  2. check the pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity, the coupling between the two shaft can not exceed the number of 0.1mm, the balance between the two shafts to maintain 1 ~ 2.5mm.
  3. the suction pump to the bottom of the container between the distance of 2 to 3 times the suction diameter, the pump from the wall is greater than the aperture of 2,5 times.
  4. the pump out of the pipeline should be another bracket support, its weight is not allowed to support the pump.
  5. check the direction of rotation of the motor, so that the direction of rotation of the pump in line with the direction indicated.
  6. close the outlet pipe on the gate valve and pressure gauge, connected to the cooling water pipe.
  7. start the motor, open the pressure gauge, and slowly open the outlet pipe valve to the required position, put into normal operation.
  8. often check the pump and the motor, the bearing temperature should not exceed 75 ℃, the bearing box should be added enough butter.


FY-type stainless steel liquid pump liquid chemical pump structure:



  1. Coupling
  2. Bearing box
  3. Under the bracket
  4. Installation disk
  5. Support tube
  6. axis
  7. Export flange
  8. Outlet pipe
  9. Pump body
  10. impeller
  11. Pump cover
  12. Bushings

FY type stainless steel Industrial Centrifugal Pumps corrosion-resistant pump 

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