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200SV-SPGEM Centrifugal Slurry Pump Mechanical Seal Sealing Type For Mining Industry

Electric Centrifugal Pump
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high pressure slurry pump


mining slurry pump


200SV-SPGEM Centrifugal Slurry Pump Mechanical seal Sealing type



  • 200SV-SP(R)GEM vertical mud pump is a kind of centrifugal mud pump immersed in water tank, cantilever design. With double suction and half open impeller, the agitator can keep the solids in suspension. The SPRGEM model uses full rubber corrosion resistant covering and recessed impeller for excessive material selection; full elastic lining or carbide. No submerged bearings or packings. Large capacity double suction design. Optional concave impellers and suction mixers are available
  • Used for conveying abrasive, big particle, high density slurry, without shaft seal and sealing water. The wet part of the SPGEM pump is made of wear-resistant metal. All parts of the SPRGEM pump immersed in liquid are lined with rubber lining, suitable for conveying non angular abrasive slurries. These pumps are designed for a wide range of corrosion and / or corrosive applications

Product details:

  • Dimension (discharge): 39mm 299mm
  • Capacity: 7~1490 cubic meters / hour
  • Head: 5m ~ 46 meters
  • Solid: 0 ~ 65mm
  • Concentration: 0% to 70%
  • Material: high chromium alloy, rubber, polyurethane, stainless steel, ceramic and all kinds of wear-resistant alloy can be supplied as required.
  • Shell: Cast Iron
  • Lining board: high chromium cast iron
  • Impeller: high chromium cast iron

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Applications

  • Wet crusher
  • Ball mill discharge
  • Fine grinding
  • coal
  • Rough sand
  • Coarse tailings
  • Dredge
  • Fine tailings
  • flotation
  • Dense medium
  • Mineral concentrates
  • Mineral sand
  • Ni Makino
  • Oil sand
  • phosphoric acid
  • Phosphate matrix
  • Chemical process
  • Pulp and paper
  • Rod mill row
  • Semi autogenous grinding mill​
Mining Industry Heavy Duty Submersible Slurry Pump Feature
  • Easy to change
  • Modular design makes pump spare parts easy to install, replace and replace.
  • The driving module is more advanced.
  • Wear resistance
  • The main parts of the pump are made of high chromium alloy, which prolongs the service life of the pump.
  • Improve the wear resistance of pumps.



Type Allowable Mating Max. Power(Kw) Range Of Performance Impeller
Capacity/Q Head/m Speed/rpm Max Efficiency/% No. of Vanes Impeller Diameter/mm
m³/hr L/S
200SV-SP(R) 110 189-891 152.5-247.5 6.5-37 400-850 64 5 520

Gempump,one of the high-enterprises integrating research, design, production and sales system, produces slurry pump, desulfurization pump and dredge pump. Founded in 2003, Ruite pump is located in Gaocheng district, Shijiazhuang city, with more than 30000 square meters' covering area and 50 millions' registered capital.
Heavy Duty Industrial Mining Mineral Centrifugal Slurry Pump made in china.

The SPGEM heavy duty cantilever sump pump is designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional vertical process pumps can offer.

Cantilevered shaft design

Semi-open impeller
Agitator option keeps solids in suspension
Recessed impeller option passes oversized material
Fully elastomer lined or hard metal fitted. No submerged bearings or packing.
High capacity double suction design.
Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator available.
No submerged bearings or packing.
High capacity design.
Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator available.
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