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75C-LGEM Diesel Engine For Centrifugal Slurry Pump for Chemical Process / Heavy Minerals

Electric Centrifugal Pump
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Sealing Type:
Gland Seal, Expeller Seal
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heavy duty slurry pump


mining slurry pump


100DL Low Abrasive Slurry Pump Part Code Number

Packing Gasket D067
Cover Plate DL10013
Frame Plate DL10032
Frame Plate Liner Insert 64041
Volute Liner Seal D10124
Volute Liner DL10110
Impeller 64056
Shaft Sleeve,Short D075
Stuffing Box DSC078
Expeller DSC028
Expeller Ring DSC029
Base D003M
Lantern Ring D063
Lantern Restrictor D118
Split Packing Gland D044
Inlet Gasket DL10060
Outlet Gasket DL10132
End Cover Gasket D025
Bearing Housing D004M
End Cover D024
Labyrinth (Wet End) D062
Labyrinth (Drive End ) D062DM
Shaft DSC073M
Bearing Assembly DSC005M

75C-L slurry pump for Chemical Process / Heavy Minerals




  • L series slurry pump material: L light duty slurry pump body with replaceable wear-resistant metal lining, impeller, sheath, retaining plate and other over-current components are wear-resistant metal.
  • L series slurry pump: compared with the heavy duty slurry pump, the pump has high speed, small size, light weight, suitable for conveying fine particles, low concentration slag slurry or corrosive slag slurry. The weight of the slurry is generally not more than 30%, and it can also be used to transport high concentration and low abrasive slurry.
  • L series slurry pump sealing form: L pump seals can be used packing seal, Deputy impeller seal, packing plus side impeller seal, mechanical seals and other types. Drive type: DC direct drive, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive and other types.​

Main Features

Grease lubrication, single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered, horizontal, wear resistant layer and bearing layer can be separated, double casing structure. High efficiency, wear resistant, stable performance, interchangeability of parts.

The wet parts of the centrifugal L(R)GEM slurry pump could be interchangeable wear resistant metal or natural rubber materials.

Bearing assembly of the centrifugal L(R)GEM slurry pump usd cylindrical structure,adjusting the space between impeller&front liner easily,being removed completely when being repaired.Grease lubrication.


The shaft seal could use the packing seal,expeller seal and mechanical seal.One pump also can be use packing seal with expeller seal together.


The discharge outlet of the centrifugal L(R)GEM slurry pump can be adjusted with rotation interval of 45 degrees to 8 directions.


Drive types:Direct coupling drive (DC),V belt drive (CR,CV,ZV,CL),etc.


The frame adopts oil or grease lubrication,to reduce start time.


This pump can be installed in multistage series for long distace delivery.


Completely the same with the world famous Australian pumps .

The spare parts could completely interchangeable with the world famous pumps,such as the impeller,cover plate,pump casing,front liner,back liner,shaft, bearing assembly ,labyrinth ring etc .



  • Ball mill discharge
  • Rod mill discharge
  • Chemical Process
  • Heavy Minerals
  • Sealed form: L-type pump shaft seal can be used packing seal, vice impeller seal, filler plus impeller seal, mechanical seal and other types.
  • Transmission type: DC direct drive, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive and other types.       



Type Allowable Mating Max. Power(Kw) Clear Water Performance Impeller
Capacity/Q m³/hr Head/m Speed/rpm Max Efficiency/% NPSH/m Nos of Vane Impeller Diameter/mm
75C-L 30 18-151 4--45 900--2400 57 3--6 4 229
400ST-L 560 720--3312 7--51 300--700 80 2--10 5 825
450ST-L 560 1008--4356 9--48 300--600 80 2--9 5 933


Brife Introduction :

Discharge:1" to 18"(25mm to 450mm)
Flow:to 22,000 gpm(to 5,000m3/h)
Head:to240ft(to 73m)


1). LGEM series metal/rubber Light heavy duty slurry pumps are designed for the most difficult pumping



2). Extra sections at wear point and perfect impeller structure ensures satisfactory performance with

long lige.


3).Rubber lined pump expand application to chemical products handling, several different rubber

options are available to meet different application needs.



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