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16/14G-G Electric Centrifugal Pump Variable Frequency Drive

Electric Centrifugal Pump
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16/14G-G Electric Centrifugal Pump Variable Frequency Drive





  • The running practice of the water pump shows that the existing pump varieties can not be fully adapted to the operation needs of all kinds of situations. Therefore, in use will appear in the performance of the pump and the actual need not adapt to the situation, this will make the pump in the off design conditions of operation, accelerate the power consumption and damage the pump, but also reduces the stability and reliability of pump.
  • Water pump efficiency is a technical and economic index to measure the efficiency of water pump. It is the ratio of the effective power of the pump (that is, the output power of the pump) and the power of the pump shaft (that is, the input power of the pump). Water pump efficiency is generally 65% ~ 90%, large pumps can reach more than 90%.
  • The efficiency of water pump depends to a great extent on the use of the pump. If the maintenance and use are not proper, even if the pump is efficient, it can not achieve the purpose of high efficiency, low consumption and economic operation. Therefore, in the actual operation of the pump, we should try to improve the efficiency of the pump, as far as possible to reduce the energy in the water pump transmission process, there are various energy losses.



General method for improving pump efficiency:

1. improve the efficiency of the pump itself

1) reduce water loss, design efficient impeller;
2) reduce mechanical losses and friction losses;
3) reduce leakage;

2.  improve the efficiency of the pump


Improve piping system to reduce resistance. The length of the pipeline should be as short as possible and keep straight, reduce the flow rate to reduce the head loss along the way; to reduce the number of gate valve, valve, elbow and other parts, in order to reduce the local head loss.
To reduce the surplus water pressure of the water pump, meet the demand of the outlet water pressure of the piping system. Try to make the pump work at the best possible point of the pump and avoid working under large or small flow.




Pump Model Allowable
Max. Power
Clear Water Performance  
Capacity Q Head
H (m)
m3/h l/s
18/16TU-G 1200 720-4320 200-1200 12-48 250-500 72 3.0-6.0





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