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18/16TU-G Sugar Plant Electric Centrifugal Pump / Tailing Transport Slurry Pump

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18/16TU-G Sugar Plant Electric Centrifugal Pump / Tailing Transport Slurry Pump





  • The traditional concept of water pump design is that hydraulic design is higher than structural design, in order to improve the efficiency of water pump by 1%, regardless of the cost of products increased by 10%. In the traditional design concept, design and structure of hydraulic blade oblique flow impeller with space become the main design method of deep well pump, because of the high efficiency of the pump of this type, flow and head is also consistent with the national standard value. However, this kind of deep well centrifugal pump has the largest axial size, the most difficult to manufacture blades, the highest production costs, so its comprehensive economic benefits are very low.
  • If the change of design concept, the design of the structure is placed in front of the hydraulic design, according to the hydraulic design method to determine the structural conditions, to reduce production costs and improve reliability in the first place, to meet the needs of hydraulic design, structure design, for deep well pump, requires the use of vertical structure, which is a kind of impeller maximum diameter design method and structure form of anti missile vane supporting shell, this structure can achieve the maximum diameter of the impeller, the shortest length of diversion shell structure requirements.
  • In this form of structure, the method of hydraulic design can be expected to achieve maximum economic benefits.



Centrifugal pump (slurry pump) operation should pay attention to the following points:


  1. Prohibition of waterless operation, do not adjust the suction population to reduce displacement, prohibited under low flow operation;
  2. Monitor the operation process, completely prevent the packing box from leaking and replace the stuffing box with new packing;
  3. Ensure that the mechanical seal is adequately flushed and water cooled bearings prohibit the use of excessive water flow;
  4. Don't use too much lubricant;
  5. Check according to the recommended cycle. Set up operation records including running hours, filling adjustment and replacement, adding lubricant and other maintenance measures and time. The centrifugal pump suction and discharge pressure, flow rate, transmission power, the temperature of the wash and bearing, and vibration should be recorded regularly.​





Pump Model Allowable
Max. Power
Clear Water Performance  
Capacity Q Head
H (m)
m3/h l/s
18/16TU-G 1200 720-4320 200-1200 12-48 250-500 72 3.0-6.0





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