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D/DG/DF Series High Lift Stainless Steel Cooling/Feeding/Boiler Water Multistage Pump

Multistage High Pressure Pumps
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Deep Well Submersible Pump
80~660 M
1~337 M³/h
Maximum Working Pressure:
0.6 Mpa
Medium Temperature:
-20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃
Mines, Factories And Other Fields
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stainless steel submersible pump


magnetic drive pump


DF type DF25-50×5 factories Deep Well Submersible Pump / chemical centrifugal pump



DF-type corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump Overview:


DF type pump is a single suction, multi-stage, segment corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, suitable for conveying non-solid particles of corrosion-resistant liquid. The conveying medium temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, allowing the inlet pressure to be 0.6MPa.



DF type corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump number Description:


DF25-50 × 5

"DF" - that single suction, multi-stage, segmented corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump.

"25" - indicates the pump flow (m3 / h).

"50" - indicates pump single stage head (m).

"5" - indicates the number of stages.


Performance parameters


D/DG/DF/MD(P)6-25 D/DG/DF/MD(P)6-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)6-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)12-25
D/DG/DF/MD(P)12-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)12-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)25-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)25-50
D/DG/DF/MD(P)25-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)46-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)46-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)46-80
D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-45 D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-67 D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)85-100
D/DG/DF/MD(P)120-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)120-100 D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-50
D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)150-100 D/DG/DF/MD(P)155-30 D/DG/DF/MD(P)155-67
D/DG/DF/MD(P)200-50 D/DG/DF/MD(P)200-100 D/DG/DF/MD(P)200-150 D/DG/DF/MD(P)210-70
D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-43 D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-65 D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-95 D/DG/DF/MD(P)280-100
D/DG/DF/MD(P)300-45 D/DG/DF/MD(P)360-40 D/DG/DF/MD(P)360-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)360-95
D/DG/DF/MD(P)450-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)450-95 D/DG/DF/MD(P)500-57 D/DG/DF/MD(P)550-50
D/DG/DF/MD(P)580-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)640-80 D/DG/DF/MD(P)720-60 D/DG/DF/MD(P)1100-85


Brief introduction:
D(DF) series is a centrifugal pump of horizontal,single suction,multistage and sectional structure.It owns the features of high efficiency,wide performance range,smooth operation,low noise,easy maintenance...D(DF) series was designed to pump clean water or fluids have close characters of water. Also,by changing pump wetted parts,it is able to pump fluids like hot water,oil,corrosive fluids and fluids particles.


  1. Flow rate:Q=20~540m3/h
  2. Total head:H=16~370m
  3. Speed:n=1450rpm/2950rpm
  4. S.g.:γ ≤1.15
  5. Temperature:T=-0~80ºC
  6. Pump diameter:80,100,125,150,200,250mm


  1. Advanced hydraulic models with high efficiency and wide performance range.
  2. Smooth operation and low noise.
  3. Both packing seal and mechanical seal are available.
  4. Completely sealed shaft which is non-contact with fluid.
  5. The pump material can be changed to pump corrosive fluids. D(F) stands for a pump which is suitable for corrosive fluids,but its performance and is totally the same to D series.


  1. The pump set mainly consists of bearing housing,inlet and out section,middle section,guide vanes.
  2. The pump inlet is horizontal and outlet is vertical;The balance hose on the inlet is connected back to the water inlet side.
  3. Between bearings structure.The rotary part consists of shaft,impellers and a balance disk.
  4. The gaps between pump inlet section,middle section and outlet section are smeared by molybdenum disulfide compound calcium-based lubricating grease as the sealings. The gaps of rotary part and static part are sealed seal rings,guide vane sleeve and packing.
  5. Standard shaft sealing is packing,can be customized as mechanical seal.


Widely used in mining,factories and city water supply and drainage.

Suitable to pump clean water and fluids have close physical and chemical characters of water,or fluids like hot water,oils,corrosive material and particles.


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