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Mine dewatering ZJQ electric centrifugal pump for dirty water plants

Submersible Sewage Pump
USD 1000 Set
3~50 M
1~300 M3/h
Metallurgy, Mining, Iron, Steel Plants, Dirty Water Plants
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Mine dewatering ZJQ electric centrifugal pump for dirty water plants
ZJQ type submersible slurry pump is a type of hydraulic pump, which works with the motor and pump under the working medium. There are so many advantage of this kind slurry pump,such as the advantages of advanced structure, wide flow channel, strong discharge capacity, excellent selection and strong corrosion resistance. The utility model is suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles such as sand, coal cinder, tailings, etc.. This submersible sewage pump is already widely used in metallurgy, mining, iron and steel plants, thermal power plants and other dirty water plants. It is an ideal substitute for traditional slurry pump.

This series of products are designed and manufactured by shijiazhuang jiemu machinery equipment co.,ltd,our design engineer studied foreign advanced technology,and then designed this better performance slurry pump. We used high-chrome alloy wear-resistant materials for the wet parts, greatly improved the life of slurry pump, reducing maintenance frequency.
At the bottom of the pump,there is a set of stirring impeller, the sediment can be precipitated into a turbulent jet, so that in the absence of auxiliary devices conditions,the pump could achieve a high concentration of transport. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so that the pressure at the two ends of the mechanical seal is kept balanced, the operation reliability of the mechanical seal is guaranteed to the maximum extent, and the service life is prolonged. If necessary, the motor is protected by overheat protection, water detection and protection, and can be operated safely under bad working conditions. At the same time, Gempump can also install motor anti condensation, bearing temperature measurement and other protective measures to meet the needs of users in the use on occasion.



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