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YQS hydraulic Sand Suction Pump , sand mining pump for port construction

Sand Suction Pump
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Metallurgy, Mining, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Ports, Reservoirs, Rivers, Lakes And Other Dredging, Sand Mining, Port Construction, Reclamation Land, River Beach Filling, Etc.
980~1250 R/min
Overcurrent Capacity:
45~110 Mm
Outlet Diameter:
150 Mm
Maximum Dive Depth:
100 M
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sand mining pump


YQS hydraulic Sand Suction Pump , sand mining pump for port construction



Product Description:


YQS hydraulic reamer pumping pump alias digging machine heavy load pumping pump, reamer dredging pump, hydraulic mixing suction pump. The equipment is hydraulic drive, can be used when supporting hydraulic stations, but also directly with the excavator, loader connected to use, not subject to power constraints, in the harsh conditions of long-term safe operation. Pumping sand pump on both sides of each with a reamer device, the work of the use of rotating reamer to cut the board layer of loose, and through the blade to the solid medium to the pump suction pump near the mouth, to achieve media delivery. The equipment can be used for the traditional mud pump can not use the clay layer, plate layer, clay layer, particles more large harsh environment.


Mainly used for metallurgy, mining, power plants, steel plants, water treatment plants, ports, reservoirs, rivers, lakes and other dredging dredging, sand mining, port construction, reclamation land, river beach filling and other sediment media Extraction and delivery.


Product Features and Benefits:

  1. can be flexible supporting hydraulic stations, excavators, loaders and other equipment to use, to break the power limit, flexible transition, especially in remote areas of construction.
  2. reamer device for low-speed high-torque, able to dig agitated board sediment, large granular solid, pebbles and so on.
  3. pump shell, impeller and other major parts of the use of high wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant, no clogging, over-current ability, the maximum diameter of the ball can be over 110mm.
  4. can be used for deep water operations, the maximum dive depth of 100 meters.

Advantages of hydraulic drive:

  1. stalled, overload without damage, load capacity can be automatically achieved overload protection.
  2. applicable to the harsh conditions of the mine, sediment, plate junction, and more pebbles.
  3. hydraulic motor light weight, small size, small inertia, the reaction speed.
  4. easy to control and control, can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation.
  5. according to working conditions, the use of mechanical and electrical fluid to achieve hydraulic system automation control, and remote control.​

YQS type hydraulic reamer pumping pump Model and parameters:









Overcurrent Capacity


Outlet diameter


(Supporting 200 digging machine)
300 22.3 1250 45 150
240 26.4
200 29
(Supporting 300 digging machine)
500 30 1225 110 150
400 19 980



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