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SOW type Double Suction Split Case Pump for Farmland irrigation

Double Suction Split Case Pump
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Farmland Irrigation And Plateau Mountain Human And Animal Water, But Also For Cities, Factories, Railways, Mines, Site For Water Use
Motor Power:
380V, 660V, 6kV, 10kV
730~2900 R/min
Temperature Range:
≤ 105 ℃
Working Pressure:
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double suction centrifugal pump


Single Stage Centrifugal Pump


SOW type Double Suction Split Case Pump for Farmland irrigation



Product overview:


The SOW-type volute single-stage double suction centrifugal pump is the introduction of advanced technology to produce high-performance pumps. The pump can be used to provide pumps that meet the needs of the user at any point of operation as required by the use of the prototype impeller and the modified impeller and its cutting, the broad spectrum of spectrum, the use of high efficiency, within the spectral performance range. The pump adopts the hydraulic model of self-balancing axial force and radial force at home and abroad. The performance is stable, the efficiency is high, the structure is compact, the vibration is small, the pump pressure is high and the installation and maintenance is convenient.



Performance and advantages


Compact structure, small footprint, small axial size, low vibration noise, rotor parts, axial size is short and good rigidity, the pump shaft with high precision bearing support.



Application scope


Water plant pressurized water, air conditioning and recycling water, fire protection systems, industrial water supply systems, shipbuilding industry, oil refining industry.




  1. built-in sealed lubrication structure: pump built-in sealed lubrication structure, sealed circulating water on the pump seal system lubrication, washing more direct and effective.
  2. beautiful appearance: a straight line appearance and in the pump cover with strong gluten, built-in seal lubrication structure so that the overall structure of the pump seamless, flexible structure designed to make the pump more beautiful and generous.
  3. high efficiency: CFD calculation of hydrodynamics, analysis and calculation of the pump pressure distribution and velocity distribution relationship, optimize the pump flow channel design to ensure that the pump has a high efficiency of the hydraulic line, improve the efficiency of the pump. The pump body is designed with double flow path to reduce radial force. Pump body, pump cover, impeller and other flow through the use of resin sand plate mold modeling, to ensure the appearance and flow channel size and pump hydraulic efficiency. SOW series pump efficiency than the average double suction pump 3 to 5%.
  4. high precision balance: rotor parts dynamic balance accuracy of G1.0 level.
  5. shaft: short axis and good rigidity, increase the shaft diameter to extend the bearing and mechanical seal life. Shaft is fully enclosed structure, to ensure that the media does not contact, no corrosion, long service life.
  6. double volute: high-lift pump with double volute structure, reducing the radial force


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