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Low speed Inline Water Booster Pump ISW Horizontal Pipe ≤ 1.6Mpa Maximum working pressure

Inline Water Booster Pump
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Maximum Working Pressure:
≤ 1.6Mpa
Use Of Temperature:
≤ 80 ℃
Ambient Temperature:
<40 ℃
Relative Humidity:
High Light:

fire-fighting booster pump


hot water circulation pump


Low speed Inline Water Booster Pump ISW Horizontal Pipe ≤ 1.6Mpa Maximum working pressure



ISW horizontal pipe centrifugal pump repair and maintenance:


(A) maintenance and maintenance in operation:

  1. the inlet pipe must be highly sealed.
  2. prohibit the pump in the long-term operation of the cavitation state.
  3. prohibit the pump in the high flow operation, the motor over-current long-term operation.
  4. regularly check the pump running motor current value, as far as possible so that the pump can work under the standard.
  5. the pump should be in the course of the operation of care, so as to avoid accidents.
  6. the pump running every 500 hours to refuel the bearing. Motor power greater than 11kW with a refueling device, can be directly injected with high pressure oil gun to ensure excellent bearing lubrication.
  7. the pump for long-term operation, due to mechanical wear, so that the unit noise and vibration increases, should stop inspection, if necessary, replace the vulnerable parts and bearings, unit overhaul period is generally one year.

(B) mechanical seal maintenance and repair:

  1. mechanical seal lubrication should be clean without solid particles.
  2. is strictly prohibited mechanical seal in the dry mill work.
  3. before starting the pump (motor) a few laps, so as to avoid a sudden start ring seal damage caused by damage.

ISW Horizontal Pipe Centrifugal Pump Startup, Operation and Parking:


(A) start, run:

  1. hand to dial the fan, the impeller should be no card grinding phenomenon, flexible rotation.
  2. hand pump to make the lubricant into the mechanical seal face.
  3. irrigation and exhaust, open the inlet valve, so that the liquid into the pump chamber, until the entire pipeline is full of liquid, and to ensure that the import pipeline sealing.
  4. close the outlet valve to reduce the starting current.
  5. turn on the power, start to determine the correct direction of operation, from the motor fan side as clockwise rotation.
  6. and gradually adjust the opening of the outlet valve, try to make the pump work in the rated state.
  7. the pump in the course of operation, such as the discovery of noise or unusual sound, should immediately stop checking.
  8. the normal mechanical seal leakage should be less than 3 drops / min, check the motor, bearing temperature rise <70 ℃, beyond this value should check the cause.

(B) parking:

  1. close the spit valve.
  2. cut off the power, stop the motor running.
  3. close the inlet valve.
  4. pump long-term disabled shoube put out of the pump liquid.


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