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300TV-SPGEM Copper Mining Slurry Pump Vertical Single Stage Suction Cantilever China

Vertical Sump Sewage Pump Heavy Duty Sp Spindle Sand Mud Gravel Slurry Centrifugal Water Pump for Mining
Electric Centrifugal Pump
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heavy duty slurry pump


high pressure slurry pump


300TV-SPGEM Mining Slurry Pump Vertical Single Stage Suction Cantilever


Centrifugal Slurry Pump Description

  • The pump has a single shell structure, light weight, small size, easy installation and maintenance.
  • The 300TV-SPGEM(R)  mud pumps are heavy, vertical, centrifugal and can work in sinks and pools. 
  • The material of flow passing parts is based on different characteristics of different pulp in industrial field, and selects suitable corrosion resistant and corrosion resistant materials:
  • Cr26, Cr27, Cr28, Cr30, Cr30A, C15MO3, CD4MCu.
  • Structure characteristics:
  • The submerged slurry pump is a vertical single stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pump structure. The pump body is submerged in the liquid to be transported, so no water injection is started, and the suction problem is solved. The lower part of the liquid has no seal and no bearing, and overcomes the shortcomings of the old liquid pump sealing, short bearing life and heavy maintenance work.
  • Impeller is half open impeller, in the impeller suction side extension is equipped with mixing blades, work in reflux, mixing, mechanical broken, to prevent congestion. Impeller front and rear cover with blades to reduce leakage, balance axial force, improve the service life and reliability of the pump. The inlet of the pump is immersed in the liquid, the outlet is tangential and vertical upward, and the pump rotates clockwise from the driving end.
  • The impeller of the liquid slag pump is provided with an anti reversal device, so as to prevent the impeller from damaging and the motor. Petroleum drilling engineering slurry will be used to supply mud mud centrifuge, or city in piling engineering slurry will be used to vibration sieve through horizontal directional, desander and desilter mud supply.
  • The bearing body adopts grease lubrication, and the oiling capacity is within the range of 1/2-2/3 of the space of the bearing chamber. The bearings are installed in the enclosed bearing chamber, and the bearings are sealed with oil seals outside to prevent dust.
  • The liquid slurry pump is mainly characterized in that the pump shaft at the lower part of the liquid has enough rigidity, and the impeller is not provided with bearings between the pump shells, and the shaft seal can not be used to transport the medium containing large concentration of solid particles;
  • The clearance between the impeller and the sheath and between the impeller and the guard plate can be adjusted to maintain high efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of maintenance free, high temperature resistance, long service life, simple structure, reliable operation, etc..

Copper Mining Vertical Slurry Pump Applications

  • Used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, printing and dyeing and other municipal buildings, pumping sand, mud mud flow is small. Waste liquid with corrosion; can also be used for rural river pond, mud fluid, feces, pulp beverage suction; can also be used for city underground factory conveying liquid sand, yellow sand and mud suction.



Type Allowable Mating Max. Power(Kw) Range Of Performance Impeller
Capacity/Q Head/m Speed/rpm Max Efficiency/% No. of Vanes Impeller Diameter/mm
m³/hr L/S
300TV-SPGEM(R) 200 288-1267 80-352 6.5-33 350-700 50 5 610

The SPGEM heavy duty cantilever sump pump is designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability than conventional vertical process pumps can offer.

Cantilevered shaft design

Semi-open impeller
Agitator option keeps solids in suspension
Recessed impeller option passes oversized material
Fully elastomer lined or hard metal fitted. No submerged bearings or packing.
High capacity double suction design.
Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator available.
No submerged bearings or packing.
High capacity design.
Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator available.


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300TV-SPGEM Copper Mining Slurry Pump  Vertical Single Stage Suction Cantilever China



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