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6/4D-GEM Centrifugal Slurry Pump / Centrifugal Pump Spare Parts

Electric Centrifugal Pump
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Centrifugal Slurry Pump
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High Chrome Metal Or Rubber
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6/4 D- Centrifugal Slurry Pump / Centrifugal Pump Spare Part


Main Pump parts

Impeller, Volute liner, Throat bush, frame plate liner insert, end cover


Pump Material

High chrome alloy, Nature Rubber and Polyurethane.
Impeller: High chrome alloy and Nature rubber impellers are completely interchangeable. Impellers can be produced from 2 vans to 8 vans as required.


Slurry Pump Uses and Features:

Our slurry pumps are suitable for pumping slurry with hard particles and in high density in industrial sectors as of metallurgy, mining, coal, power generation and building material. These pumps can also be applied multi-staged in series. They are classified into three types: M. HA. HH.


The M.HA. HH type slurry pumps are those of cantilever, horizontal and centrifugal ones, whose shafts can be sealed by packing seals or by centrifugal type seals. The positions of the pump outlet can be positioned at an interval of 45°according to different requirements, so eight different angles can be applied by rotation in installation.


The M. HA type slurry pumps have pump bodies (volute liners, front and back liners) that consist of replaceable wear-resistant metal liners or wear-resistant rubber liners, and impellers can also apply wear-resistant metal material or wear-resistant rubber material. The HH type slurry pumps only apply wear-resistant metal material as their pump bodies and impellers.


We supply our customers with complete sets of equipment as well as a variety of wear-resistant wet parts, and site service is available with service quality guaranteed.



GEM series L(R) ,M HH SP(R) G
6/4D-GEM(R) 150E-LGEM 6/4F-HHGEM 200SV-SPGEM 12/10G-GEM
6/4E-GEM(R) 300S-LGEM 6/4X-HHGEM 250TV-SPGEM 14/12G-GEM
8/6E-GEM(R) 10/8 R-MGEM 6S-HGEM   14/12T-GEM
8/6R-GEM(R) 10/8 E-MGEM 8/6S-HGEM    



Honstar Material Code Material Name Applications
Abrasion Resistant Alloy    
HA04 High Chromium 24% Cr Impeller, Liners, Stuffing Box, Expeller Ring, Expeller, etc.
HA05 High Chromium 27% Cr Impeller, Liners, Expeller Ring, Expeller, etc.
Corrosion Resistant Alloy    
HC21 13% Chromium Steel Shaft Sleeve, Shaft Spacer, etc.
HC22 304 Stainless Steel Impeller, Liners, Shaft Sleeve, Stuffing Box, Expeller Ring, Expeller, Bolt, etc.
Ductile Iron    
HD21 Grade 500-7 Cover Plate, Frame Plate, Base, Bearing Housing, Stuffing Box, etc.
Engineering Steel    
HE02 Grade 250 Structural Steel Bolts, etc.
Grey Iron    
HG01 Grade T200 Cover Plate, Frame Plate, Base, Bearing Housing, Stuffing Box, Expeller Ring, Expeller, etc.
Natural Rubber    
HR55 Polyisoprene Impeller, Liners, Expeller Ring, Expeller, etc.
HP50 Polyphenylene Sulphide Lantern Ring, Lantern Restrictor
Synthetic Rubber    
HS01 EPDM Rubber Seals, etc.
HS31 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Impeller, Liners, Expeller Ring, Expeller, etc.


6/4D-GEM Centrifugal Slurry Pump / Centrifugal Pump Spare Parts

6/4D-GEM Centrifugal Slurry Pump / Centrifugal Pump Spare Parts

6/4D-GEM Centrifugal Slurry Pump / Centrifugal Pump Spare Parts

Gempump is a professional manufacturing enterprise of slurry pumps located in high and new technology development zone. The enterprise has one group of high quality technical and management talent working in Design, R & D, Production, Sales and Services. The technical team consists of talents specialized in hydraulic machinery, casting, heat treatment, engineering, material science and machining.

The company manufactures its products using advanced technique based on well built management and sales & service system. Product quality is guaranteed with various test and inspection facilities..

Gempump is specialized in the manufacture and sales of slurry pump and pump parts, especially the design and manufacture of products made with high abrasive, anti corrosive rubber material, including HA(R).M.HH.SPGEM(R).GEM series slurry pump,ZG.ZJG series slurry pump, WS series dredging pump and PNJ series slurry pump.

The products are widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, dreading, building material and other Industrial lines to pump concentrate, tailings, sludge and other abrasive, high density slurries.

Meeting customers’ technical requirements and with a long lifespan, lower cost and high safety, our products are sold well all over of china and far to southeast Asia, North America, South America,Russia and etc.

We are confident that we can offer customers satisfying products and services with our continuous efforts in product research and improvement. We look forward to working with customers domestic and abroad to build a promising future

1. greater reliability and durability

2. high quality and efficiency

3. wear resistant and anti corrosion

4. best service 

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